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Frania Shelley-Grielen is a professional animal behaviorist, dog
trainer and educator who holds a Masters Degree in Animal Behavior
from Hunter College and a Masters Degree in Urban Planning from New
York University, complimenting her expertise in behavior with an in-
depth understanding of the built environment.  She is a licensed Pet
Care Technician Instructor, registered therapy dog handler, certified
Doggone Safe Bite Safety Instructor, and professional member of the
Pet Professional Guild,  Association of Pet Dog Trainers and
International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE).  Frania
specializes in
behavior modification work and training with cats,
dogs and birds and humane management for urban wildlife.  The  
author of
Cats and Dogs; Living with and Looking at Companion Animals from their Point
of View,  she founded AnimalBehaviorist.us in 2009, to share her work
on how welfare based, science focused strategies and solutions from
the canine and feline point of view are more effective and make everyone
happier, including the humans.  Her extensive written work on animal
behavior and training are free for the reading on her website and videos
of Frania's lectures, presentations and training demos  are on

During her five years developing and teaching the Pet Care Technician
program at a post secondary vocational school for individuals with
disabilities; Frania gained wide-ranging experience in training learners to
use the best, most low stress, informed and humane approaches to work
professionally with animals in the pet services industry.  Her work in the
classroom and behind the scenes, preparing and evaluating students and
sites in internships in dog day cares, grooming salons and shelters gave
Frania unique insight into this industry in New York City and the need
for higher standards for both worker education and services.  This
experience led her to create
PetCenterEd, Inc., an innovative not for
profit, science and welfare based learning and services center for people
and pets (Frania's four part series for
Barks From the Guild, premiered
in the September 2018 issue on what happens behind the scenes in the
pet services industry and what remedies can be best applied).   

Frania taught the ASPCA’s Fundamentals of Dog Care course for the
Houlton Institute where she is on the zoology faculty.  Research projects
include the Wildlife Conservation Society, the American Museum of
Natural History and the ASPCA in NYC.  She  presents and consults
in the metropolitan New York area and internationally (her work has also
been translated into
French).  She most recently presented the webinar,
"Animal Welfare, From the Five Freedoms to the Five Domains and Beyond"
for The Pet Professional Guild).  Her next webinar in February of 2020
will be on training or "
To click or not to click the how to train question"  
Frania  lives in New York City with her family (including cats and dogs).

In answer to those questions about being an animal behaviorist, Frania is
an advocate for formal training and education to qualify for working with
animals.  When asked how to find the right program and path she wrote
to a reader:

There" are not enough graduate programs  in animal behavior. I can of
course recommend where I got my own Masters, Hunter College. Do
what I did, research each program and look at the course offerings - do
they focus on welfare? And are they what you want to study? Getting a
formal education  in the field changes everything in how you view and
understand animals.  Read, read, read - "The Other End of the Leash" by
McConnell and "Inside of  a Dog" by Horowitz for dogs "The Trainable
Cat" by Ellis and "Cat Sense" by Bradshaw are good ones to start with.
Like cats as much as dogs - too many folks say they are animal people
and mean dog only - what should fascinate you is how the animal sees
the world not how you think they do. Like
AnimalBehaviorist and
Petcentered, Inc. pages to read topical articles and news on behavior.
And once you get started go as far as you can with school - PhD
opportunities are really growing. Good Luck!!"
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Frania Shelley-Grielen is a professional Animal Behaviorist
Frania Shelley-Grielen has a Masters in Animal Behavior and is an expert on both cats and dogs
Frania Shelley-Grielen is the author of  Cats and Dogs
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